Short Brief about Computer for FPSC Test

A short brief of computer

What is Computer?

Basically computer is an electronic device it work by electric current. A computer means to compute something it gave a result by computing to digits and producing result. If you see the screen very carefully than you can see only a net of dots. These dots we know as a digits.


Computer Consist of

When we refer to the word “computer” as a concept and not as a device, two things come to mind: Hardware and Software

  1. Hardware: is the electrical and mechanical part of a computer. It is all the parts that make up the computer, like the monitor, the motherboard, RAM, HDD, Chip, CPU etc.
  2. Software: is a collection of all the programs that are installed on a computer. These are programs that you need in order to operate your computer, such as the operating system or applications that you need to be able to work, like Microsoft Word or Excel, Power Point, Out Look etc.

Main Parts of a Computer

In order to fuctional, a computer needs some specific parts of hardware:-

  1. Motherboard
  2. RAM (Random Access Memory)
  3. CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  4. HDD (Hard Disk)
  5. VGA (Video Graphic Adopter)
  6. CD (Compaq Disk)
  7. DVD (Digital Video Disk)
  8. Monitor
  9. Mouse
  10. Key Board
  11. Digital Camera
  12. Web Camera
  13. Scanner
  14. Speaker
  15. Printer

Input Devices

            Input devices are devices that help the user to input data, such as text, photos, songs and movies or control the computer that are:-

  1. Motherboard: A motherboard is the main circuit of the computer, which all the other parts are connected to. The CPU the memory, hard disk drive. The motherboard’s (job) is to make all these parts communicate and work together.
  2. RAM (Radom Access Memory) RAM is used for the information (Data) that is about to be processed from the CPU. This data stored for a very short period of time.
  3. CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the “brain” of your computer. It is the part that makes all of the arithmetic, logical and input/output operations.
  4. Hard Disk: HDD is the main storage device of your computer you can use it to store and retrieve information. All the programs, including the operating system, and all the files that you have created by yourself or copied from other devices are stored inside the hard disk.
  5. VGA or Video Card: Video graphic or display adapter, turns the data that is processed from the CPU into images on the monitor. The better the video card the better quality of images.
  6. CD (Compaq Disk) you can run a CD disk by CD Drive it is capacity is 700mb to 800mb only. All software you can installed from CD drive to computer system and you can see all types of videos by CD Rom.
  7. DVD (Digital Video Disk) it is also a ROM, it is capacity is 4GB you can load a lot of data and movies in this disk.
  8. Key Board: is one of main input device through the keyboard, the user can input text and give commands to a computer.
  9. Mouse: is a pointing device that helps the user point to object on the screen and execute commands by clicking on them.
  10. Digital Camera: You can take photos or video of your friends. Later you can store your photos of movie clips on your computer.
  11. Web Camera: By the device you can make video calls and talks to your friends no matter where you are.
  12. Scanner: Scanner is also an input device you can scan documents, photos or even small objects and you can store them in a digital form inside your computer.

Output Devices:         

Output devices are all the devices that are connected to your computer and “Show” you the result of data processing. Some types of output are text, graphics, audio and video that are:-

  1. Monitor : The monitor or screen or VDU (Visual Display Unit) is the main output device of a computer. It provides a visual display of the user’s interaction with the computer.
  2. Printer: we use printers to print the result of data processing, like documents or photos, on paper. We use inkjet printer or laser jet for printing our data.

The operating System

Some years ago, an operating system was just a black screen where the user had to type commands in order to get results. If he knew the right commands that is. Then, the first operating system with graphic user interface, known as GUI(Graphic User Interface), appeared. A GUI allows you to see all your files and folders as icons and images, which you can point at with your mouse.

What is BIOS in operating system?

BIOS (Basic Input Output System) when you press the main button, your computer working with BIOS program this identifies your devices, the operating system starts. Usually, the first screen that you see is the log on screen. The log on screen allows you to open the operating system as a specific use.

What was DOS (Disk Operating System) before windows?

The most popular command operating system was Microsoft DOS and after the appearance of GUI  Mac OS (Operating System) and later followed by Microsoft Windows.

Microsoft Window:   

After log on screen, the main screen of MS Windows appears. The main window consists of the Task bar, the desktop, some icons and the main button. Generally, an operating system must be as possible, so that it’s manageable by everybody even if they know the basics about computers.




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