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Education System

language notes topic to us system of education is a common topic of conversation. If you’re going to talk with Americans about going to school or being a student. It will certainly help to have an understanding of the u.s. system of Education. I’d like to give you an overview of the system then you’ll have an idea about the kind of educational experience one can have in the US by the end you might also then find it easier to talk about the educational system in your own country here in the US once school experience might begin as a baby at a place called daycare is a popular choice among working parents so children stay at daycare the parents go to work in the US a good daycare not only takes care of very young children but also begins to provide what we call an early childhood education once a child is three or four he or she can go to preschool.

Preschool in the US is not mandatory it’s not required preschool programs might be five days a week or just a few days a week once a child turns five the child can attend kindergarten these are names of the programs a child in preschool is called a preschooler a child in kindergarten is called a kindergartner kindergarten is also not mandatory the law varies from state to state so in some states kindergarten is mandatory and other states it’s not I do believe though that school districts must offer a kindergarten program so that there is that choice some kindergarten programs or half-day programs morning or afternoon some kindergarten programs are full-day programs after kindergarten a child goes to first grade in the u.s. we have 12 grades from school district to the school district the organization of these graves is different they group them together in

Education System in the USA

different ways, in general, it all begins with elementary school sometimes called primary school you might also hear grade school elementary school is for the lower grades you might find grades kindergarten through 3rd or kindergarten through 5th at an elementary school for the middle grades children go to middle school so a middle school might have fourth through eighth or fifth through eighth grades again it varies from school district to school district after middle school comes to high school again you might find some differences but in general in the USA. Think of high school as a four-year program that’s 9th 10th 11th and 12th grades.

We can say 9th 10th 11th and 12th but we also have special ways to refer to those last 4 years. We can say freshman year sophomore year junior year and senior year so if someone is a sophomore in high school they have two more years to go a sophomore is in 10th grade when one finishes high school we say he or she graduates from high school when you graduate from high school you receive a high school diploma in the USA.

It is not mandatory to graduate from high school the law varies from state to state but in general, a child must attend school until about the age of 16 that’s tenth grade after high school many choose to go to college that’s because many professions require a higher education refers to anything after high school provides secondary education college higher education when we say a person is in college that means the person attends either a college or a university in the USA. Colleges and universities both have four-year programs when someone finishes this undergraduate program this person can receive their first degree it’s a bachelor’s degree it could be a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science be a BS in college we have four years we can talk about those four years the same way we talk about those last four years in secondary school high school freshman year sophomore year junior year senior year so we have to be specific when we say someone is a senior do you mean a senior in high school or a senior in college a freshman in college has three more years before graduation I should note that outside the USA.

Universities & Colleges

There is sometimes an understanding that going to a university is somehow more prestigious than going to a college in fact in the USA. we have prestigious universities and prestigious colleges they both offer undergraduate programs four-year programs when a person finishes college he or she can study further and attend graduate school a person in graduate school is a graduate student in contrast a person in college is an undergraduate student in graduate school one can pursue a master’s degree that’s a Master of Arts or a Master of Science MA or MS if one goes to a Business School and studies business the person can receive an MBA that’s Master of Business Administration if one chooses to study even further the person can receive the highest degree possible that’s a Ph.D. Ph.D. stands for Doctor of Philosophy when a person holds a Ph.D. we can address this person as a Doctor I know I presented a lot of information in a short amount of time but hopefully, you have that overview of the system of education here in the USA. maybe now you’ll also feel confident when you talk about the educational system in your country thanks to studies.



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