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So what is Redbubble and how does it make money? Well, it is a website that allows you to make money by creating and selling custom products online.

So it lets you create things like T-shirts, phone cases, that sort of thing. But how do you make them? Well, it’s simple. Once you create an account, which is absolutely free, and you only need to enter your name and email address. You can start ploading artwork and designs to products literally in less than a minute. No credit card required. You can choose which products you want to list and sell with your art work online, and you can customize your products, choose what color they would come in, what style, and then your own custom product description and title. Then when a customer purchases one of them, such as this T-shirt,  redbubble’s production warehouse will print your design onto a T-shirt, package that T-shirt up, and then ship it out to the customer automatically, without you having to do anything. In this industry, we have a name for the service. It’s called print-on-demand. And as you can see, once you’ve created and uploaded your designs onto the products, it’s an extremely passive source of income. With Redbubble, they pay you a commission on each product sold with the standard commission rate being 20%. Because they pay you out as a commission, you never have to pay any fees,

and so selling is free. Now I can imagine for some of you out there, there are two big objects that you might be having right now.

Object one. Okay, Sarah, but is it actually free?

Sure, I can create a T-shirt to sell, but what about traffic?

Don’t I have to pay to advertise my T-shirt?

The answer is nope. You know how people come to eBay and they search for products that they want to buy here. eBay has invested lots of money into advertising to say the least. And so now it’s so well-known that it’s what you would call a destination website. People come here and buy products each day, and so most eBay sellers make their money just by people searching their products. Well, Redbubble is the same.It’s a destination website.

People come here looking for products that they want to buy. And so most  redbubble sellers make money through free traffic that they get to their listing

via the search bar. Now onto objection number two. Okay, Sarah, that’s great, you know, but what if I’m not a graphic artist, you know?

Look, that’s a coll picture on that phone case there, but I can’t draw that.

And you know what, neither could I.

I couldn’t draw these sweaters

and I couldn’t draw that cool T-shirt,

but here’s the thing.

To make money on Redbubble,

you don’t need to be an artist,

and I’ll prove it to you right now.

So we’re gonna head on over to one of Redbubble’s

most popular products, T-shirts,

and we’re gonna look for funny T-shirts

by typing funny into the search bar.

And I think a lot of people are going to be very surprised,

because check this out.

These are some of the top-selling designs

right now on Redbubble for funny T-shirts,

and a bunch of them are incredible text-based designs.

Now, let me ask you a question.

Does this T-shirt here look difficult to make?

Because I’ll tell you now, it’s incredibly easy.

I have very little graphic design skills.

I normally have to hire people to make designs for me,

but even I was able to replicate this design

and make one that looks extremely similar

using the free app Canva

with open source commercial licensed fonts.

And it took me less than five minutes,

because it’s literally just text.

Anyone could’ve made this T-shirt,

uploaded it and sold it,

and that’s the secret.

If you have no graphic design skills

and you wanna make money,

focus on selling humorous T-shirts,

because often times simple text-based designs

add to the humor and make it funnier

that if it had had a more complicated design.

All right, so you sold your funny T-shirts.

That’s awesome,

but how do I get paid, Sarah?

Well, Redbubble have two payment options.

First of all, they can pay out directly to PayPal

or they can payout directly to a bank.

Now, unfortunately, bank deposits

are only available in limited countries,

however, there is a workaround,

and that is Payoneer.

With Payoneer, you can set up your USA bank account

to receive money in all online for free.

Now most people don’t think that you can set up

a Redbubble account to Payoneer

because Redbubble requires your bank’s physical address

which Payoneer doesn’t tell you in your account info,

but they will send it to you

if you contact an ask their support.

By doing this, people have connected

their Payoneer bank accounts to Redbubble,

and they have accepted payment into it.

Now I can imagine you’re all thinking,

“Sarah, this all sounds good and all,

“but does this simple T-shirt actually

“well, you know, make money on Redbubble?”

The answer is it sure does.

You see how this T-shirt is sitting here

in the search results.

Well, Redbubble is similar to Etsy’s search engine.

If I type in funny T-shirts into Etsy’s search engine,

I’ll get lots of results too.

In fact, there are thousands of funny T-shirts on Etsy,


So how do they choose which T-shirts

they’re gonna list on the first page?

The number one way that the search engine decides that

is with sales.

If a T-shirt is selling,

it would sit higher in the search results.

We know then that all of these T-shirts on the first page

must’ve sold recently.

The same is with Redbubble,

we know that all of the T-shirts

that are here on the first page have sold recently.

So, yes, simple text-based designs, when funny,

can sell great.

“But Sarah,” you say, “how can I get those initial sales

“so that my T-shirts will start ranking for

“bigger words like funny when I’m just getting started?”

Well, there is a secret hack which I am going to show you.

Rather than go for a broader humorous T-shirt,

if you’re stuck for ideas,

create a niche-specific design

and look for niches and groups of people

that have been ignored.

So, for example, this T-shirt here

is pretty specific, right?

It’s about engineers.

This is a good idea,

because engineers are passionate about their jobs

and they love wearing career-specific merch.

There’s just one problem with this niche

if we do a search in Redbubble for funny engineer T-shirts,

you know what, we’ll see that there are

lots of T-shirts already

that we would have to compete with the sales.

And so, that’s what you should do.

Come and see if you can find groups of people

who don’t already have any T-shirts made for them.

So, if we check out another passionate career,

science teachers, we’ll see that, yep,

they have lots of T-shirts made for them

with jokes about being specifically a science teacher.

But what about another type of teacher?

What about a drama teacher.

If we come and do a search for that,

we’ll find something interesting.

While there are T-shirts aimed at people

interested in drama and theater

and general teacher T-shirts.

There are very, very aimed specifically at drama teachers.

This niche is completely wide open

for someone to create a great funny T-shirt aimed at them

and to take all the sales and traffic

as a gift for drama teachers.

Because again, if you come to the search bar,

and this time typing gifts for drama teachers,

you’ll see, again, we’ll get gifts

aimed at theater lovers

and gifts aimed at teachers in general,

but very, very few aimed at drama teachers

as this group has just been completely ignored on Redbubble.

It’s wide open for you or anyone to come in

and make great products for.

And by the way, if you have learned something new

and you would like to learn even more

about making money online,

then be sure to hit that Subscribe button

and click that little notification bell next to it,

so that you don’t miss out on any of our videos.

All right, onto the next website,

and I think that a lot of people

are probably going to recognize it,

because it’s featured on YouTube a lot,

but you probably never realized

that it could be making you money,

and that it’s actually making some people

over $100,000 a year, largely in passive income.

Now, there are two ways to make money with this website.

The first is the slow way,

and that is the more obvious way

to make money with it.

However, after that,

I’m then gonna tell you about

the little known way to make much faster money with it,

and to make way, way more money

than you would with the first method.

And don’t worry, when a lot of people see this website,

they’re gonna go, “Look, Sarah, I’m not skilled enough.

“I’m not qualified enough.

“I can’t do it.”

However, if you keep listening, as you’ll see,

you don’t need to be special or have any skills at all.

So we are here on Skillshare.

This website sponsors a lot of YouTubers,

and no, they are not sponsoring this video.

Anyway, normally, people come here

and pay them $10 a month

to get access to all their video classes.

So, for example, if I wanted to learn how to make a latte,

I could just type that into the search box and boom,

I’d get given a bunch of free video classes I could watch,

such as this one.

And here’s what most people don’t know.

This class, it was just made by some random guy,

because anyone is allowed to make a Skillshare class

and start making money with it.

Me, you, anyone.

And on average, new teachers make between

$200 to $3,000 in their first month,

which is pretty cool,

but that’s not the best part.

The best part is once you put your classes up,

all that money that you’re earning, it is passive.

And remember, that is how much they earn

in their first month with their first course.

Imagine what happens when they then go and create

another one and then create another one.

It all adds up.

And once your class is live,

you don’t have to do anything

that is how people have been able to make

over $100,000 a year with Skillshare.

So the way that you get paid on Skillshare

is for each minute somebody watches your videos,

you get paid.

So if I wanted to learn how to make French press coffee,

I’d watch this five-minute video

and then he’d be paid for each of those five minutes.

Now, you might have noticed that this says

that he’s only had a thousand students.

Well, all that means is a thousand people

have watched a big chunk of his whole course,

but the vast, vast majority of people

will only watch the specific videos that they want.

So, for example, most people will come in here and say,

“You know what, I just want to know

“how to make cold brew coffee.”

Because they only watched this one video,

they won’t be noted as a student,

but he’ll still get paid

for all of those views just the same.

And as you can see, this video is super simple.

It was probably filmed on a cellphone and bad lighting.

And based on the audio quality,

he probably just used a cell phone microphone.

And here is another video course.

It’s literally just someone talking

while they recorded their screen.

There is no fancy editing required here.

And if you wanted to make even more money from your classes,

you could put them up on our third website, Udemy.

Udemy is another website

that also lets you sell your courses.

Unlike Skillshare, which is a subscription service,

here, people buy your courses individually.

Because of that, earnings on Udemy do tend to be higher. estimates that about

40% of classes have made over $5,000.

I actually got a friend that makes about

$25,000 a year with one course which is neat.

However, you guys might be thinking,

“Well, Sarah, that’s great and all,

“there’s just two problems.

“One, I don’t have any skills.

“I’ve got nothing to teach.

“How could I make a class and then sell it?

“And Sarah, I’ve got another problem with all of this.

“That’s great, you know,

“but you know what, I want even more money than that.”

Well, never fear, because I’ve got you covered.

So, here’s what you do.

Check this out.

If we come in and type in Photoshop,

as we can see, lots of people want Photoshop tutorials.

And guess what, you could make these for free.

Most of these tutorial videos

are just a mixture of talking over slideshows

and talking over screen captures

of people doing the editing inside of Photoshop.

And even if you’re like me

and you have a, quote unquote, funny accent

and people don’t like the way that you pronounce words,

never fear because lots of these Photoshop tutorials

also feature people with foreign accents.

But anyway, regardless, let’s come on over to YouTube

and type in Photoshop tutorials.

You will get a bunch of tutorial videos.

And you know what you can do,

you can take the popular topics and videos,

recreate them yourself,

and then go and list those videos on Skillshare and Udemy.

You don’t need to be a Photoshop guru.

“But wait, Sarah,” you say,

“don’t I need to pay $10

“to buy a monthly Photoshop description?”

Nope, Photoshop has a free seven-day trial.

Download it and hustle hard for those seven days

and record lots and lots of tutorial videos.

“But wait, Sarah,” you say,

“don’t I need money to buy screen capture software

“to make these videos?”

Nope, check this out.

There is a free open source screen capture software,

and there is free video editing software

for you to use.

“But wait, Sarah,” you say,

“don’t I need to buy a mic to do the voice over?”

Well, not if you have a phone that record audio.

And it gets even better,

because Adobe has an affiliate program

that you can use to make even more money.

So if you don’t know what an affiliate program is,

let me show you.

I’m here on my website, Wholesale Ted.

Now if we click on this link,

we’ll get taken to my favorite e-commerce platform,


And if we come and check out the URL,

we’ll see it has a tracking code attached.

This means that shopify tracks everyone that clicks on it.

And if they buy a subscription, I’ll get a commission.

And check this out.

Each year, I make well over $100,000 a year

with Shopify commissions with my affiliate links.

So yes, I very much believe that this

is a superior way to make money on Skillshare.

It’s allowed.

But you know what, not a lot of people

are doing it on Skillshare.

So, once you’ve made your Skillshare and Udemy courses,

sign up for the Adobe affiliate program

and get your tracking link,

then put your link in the description

of your Photoshop tutorials,

and tell people that they can click on it

to get a free trial for Photoshop.

And each time someone buy’s Photoshop

or one of their Adobe products,

you will get 85% commission

on their first month subscription.

So if you wanna make even more money from these platforms,

create video lessons on products

that have affiliate programs

and free trials for you to take advantage of.

And here is a tip.

Skillshare actually has two different accounts

you can sign up for.

You can sign up for the $10 a month account,

which you can easily get a free two-month trial for,

but you don’t need that to create a course.

To create a course on there and become teacher.

All you need is their free plan.

And of course, once you have gone ahead

and recreate tutorial videos that you found on YouTube,

what’s stopping you from posting them onto YouTube itself.

So, this of course is my fourth website on the list.

So here is one of my tutorial videos.

This teaches people how to set up a Shopify store

using my favorite e-commerce app and platform, Shopify.

It’s been up for 10, 11 months now,

and it’s made me a fair chunk of change

in AdSense revenue, $9,000 for one video.

Not bad.

But the real money of course

comes from affiliate commissions.

I put my Shopify link in the video description,

people click on it and buy Shopify.

So while this video has made about $9,000 in USD

for ad revenue alone,

it’s made tens of thousands of dollars

in addition to that in affiliate commissions.

And the thing is, is you’re probably like,

“Well, Sarah, look, you are in a little box there,

“And I don’t want to have to be

“on camera for my tutorials.

“You told me I didn’t have to be on camera

“to make money from tutorial videos.”

You know what, it is true.

Take a look at this tutorial teaching people

how to set up a store in Shopify.

It’s even more popular than mine.

There is no one on camera at all.

It’s just someone filming the screen

while they click buttons and talk over it.

So there is no camera required.

And so, if you aren’t skilled

with filming and editing videos,

tutorials are a great way to get started

making money on YouTube.

Of course, if you do have actual video skills,

then you might wanna consider this next website,


Of course on here you can sell photos and videos

that you take a stock footage.

And do people buy this?


I myself spend lots of money on stock videos.

In fact, I’ve used stock videos

and this video multiple times,

and some of the clips I’ve bought

have been incredibly basic.

For example, I bought this clip here

which anyone could’ve filmed

just by sticking a 4K-ready smartphone on a tripod.

That’s it.

No fancy filming.

It’s literally just a still shot

of people walking past the Forever 21 store

that was shutting down due to their bankruptcy.

I know people that make thousands of dollars passively

each month off their portfolios.

The way that they make it though isn’t by selling photos.

It is by selling videos that are in 4k.

These have the highest royalty commissions.

So if Shutterstock sounds like something

that you like to make money from,

I highly recommend focusing on 4k video.

Now the next video is something

that my regular subscribers will probably recognize,

and I think that you guys are gonna be pretty interested

in some of the case studies that I’m going to show you.

And this is it, Merch by Amazon.

Say, a lot of people don’t know this,

but Amazon has its own print-on-demand service too

that works just like Redbubble.

You need to submit an application

and I do recommend Googling

best practices for submitting an application.

But if you’re accepted,

you get access to the print-on-demand service.

All you need to do is upload a piece of artwork or design,

and Amazon will create these products for you,

and you can create an Amazon product listing

that people can find

just by using their search engine.

You can set your own price,

add in your own title, description,

and fully edit your listing.

Now, some people use Merch by Amazon

as a source of side income.

Some people use it to earn a full-time income.

This T-shirt here,

it was made with Amazon’s Merch by Amazon program.

And according to the Amazon sales research tool,

Jungle Scout, in the past month,

it sold roughly 640 shirts.

Now, based on the product price,

that’s roughly $4.50 commission a shirt.

So it made this creator

roughly $2,800 in profit this month alone.

And for many people, that’s a full-time income.

And check this out, the simple text-based T-shirt,

piggy backing off of the new meme

and phrase that came out of that incident,

this T-shirt has been regularly selling well

since it launched and, according to Jungle Scout,

has sold roughly 450 shirts this month alone.

And since this T-shirt is priced lower,

it has a smaller commission per shirt of $3.70.

So this T-shirt made about $1,600 in profit,

which is nice side income.

And this T-shirt is sold the most,

according to the Jungle Scout research app,

roughly 1,080 shirts.

And at this price, it made its creator roughly $3 a shirt,

which means over $3,200 in profit.

And as you can see, this T-shirt has been up since 2017,

making its creator money passively for free.

Just like with Redbubble, Amazon,

it is obviously a destination website.

So, they take care of the marketing for you,

and bring in the customers.

And just like with Redbubble, its commission-based

so if I were to sell this T-shirt for $17.99,

Amazon will remove their fees

to sell and produce this T-shirt

and pay out $3.72 as a commission.

So you don’t need to pay

for the cost of producing a T-shirt to sell it.

Amazon takes it out of the product price.

And so how do you get your commissions?

Well, Amazon pays them out into a bank account,

and that includes a Payoneer account.

All right, so my next website.

It’s a bit of cliche but, trust me, don’t click away,

because I’m gonna tell you the secret

as to how you can actually make money on on it.

All right, so I’m here on Fiverr.

Now if you don’t know what Fiverr is,

it’s a place where freelancers

can offer their services

in the form of one-off gigs that people can buy.

It’s free to create and list a gig selling their services.

So, if you’re a freelancer,

this is a great site to make money.

And seriously, I spend so much money on here,

I have spent thousands buying people’s gigs last year,

so I know a lot of money can be made on here,

because I pay people thousands of dollars each year.

Now usually, people hate Fiverr

as a suggestion to make money because

(scoffs) it’s too competitive,

but that’s because everyone is trying to make gigs

like everyone else is doing

such as offering a blog post writing service.

Lots of people have this.

And so to make sales, you need to have

lots of reviews to standout.

Or if they’re artistic, they’re trying to make gigs

around super popular services,

like designing T-shirts for print-on-demand stores.

Again, you need lots of reviews to standout.

But you know what, that’s not how you make money

as a broke freelancer on Fiverr.

Nope, check this out.

Sneakers are a popular print-on-demand product,

because they can self for high prices.

So I wondered, are there any gigs

that advertise print-on-demand sneakers.

And, well, it turned out that there was only

one listing I could find on Fiverr, and that was it.

There might have been more than this,

but they have been very poorly optimized

for the search keywords.

And so, this listing, despite being quite new

is getting lots of orders.

This is a service that lots of people want and need,

and there is only one person offering it,

and there are lots of services out there just like this,

with lots of room for you to come in and take over.

The key here is to do the research

and don’t just try to sell what every else is.

And if you are a freelancer writer based in the USA

and you just wanna make money writing

and don’t want to have to hustle for clients,

be sure to check out this site, Textbroker.

The way this works is that you sign up for the website,

you take a writing sample test.

Based on that, you’re assigned a level.

Most people I know who got As and Bs

in English class at school

get a four-star ranking immediately,

earning you 1.4 cents a word.

Once assigned, you can then log in

to the orders portal, choose an order,

and write the article for it.

Now, I don’t know about you,

but I can easily write a 1,000 word article in an hour,

which would be $14 an hour with a four-star ranking.

But if you work on your writing craft

and hit that five-star ranking,

now you make $50 an hour.

But yes, unfortunately,

I’m fairly certain that it’s only available for Americans.

However, the next website, it is available worldwide.

Anyone from anywhere can make money with it.

Check this out.

$28,600 US dollars in the past five months.

This was how much money was made from my next website,


There are a lot of opportunities

for people to earn money online with Instagram.

So this $28,600 was made

from free organic Instagram traffic

from one page with less than 50,000 followers

and a specific niche by a friend of mine.

And they built that page just by posting

great niche-specific content.

They didn’t pay for any adds.

And so, the way they monetized it

was they created an ebook for free

using this free ebook creator app.

And then next, they created

a free two-week trial on ClickFunnels,

and they made a mini website that sold their ebook.

And you know, you can actually sell products

with ClickFunnels and pay nothing

over their two-week trial period,

which I found pretty insane

that they don’t make you upgrade early

if you actually try to sell things.

And so, after that, they then announce their ebook

to the Instagram page.

And within their first week,

they had sold over $7,000.

And of course, over the pat five months,

they made over $28,600 in total.

And they were selling their book for less than $20.

But people, I am sorry, I have to admit something to you.

I lied to you today.

This method wasn’t free,

because they also bought an $8.88 domain name

and connected it to their funnel

instead of using ClickFunnels free sub domain.

Sarah, how could you?

You promised us only free methods,

and $8.88 is not free.

That’s $8.88.

Look, I’m sorry, you’re right.

So let me make it up to you

by showing you to completely free methods

that you can use to make money with Instagram.

Here is one way.

This Instagram meme page for cats.

When you click on the link on the bio,

it links you to their print-on-demand store

where they are selling their own T-shirts.

And remember what anyone can do.

Anyone can create their own free print-on-demand store

using Redbubble,

and start selling T-shirts

with free Instagram traffic right now,

and here’s another way.

Do you see this Instagram page?

Somebody has built it for free

just by reposting cute photos and videos of dogs.

Well, if we check out their latest post,

we’ll see that there’s actually a video ad for a product

that creates a custom necklace of your dog.

And if we check out their bio,

we’ll see a link to their product.

This was a paid advertisement

bought by this online store Wear Felicity.

And they likely purchased

this Instagram shout out ad

on a site similar to the next one on my list, Shoutcart.

This is a website that lets Instagram accounts

sell shout outs.

You buy it for a limited amount of hours usually,

and after that, it gets deleted.

This allows pages to advertise

without clogging up their feed with ads.

Shout outs are an easy low-effort way

to make money on Instagram.

But of course, you could take that money you earn from them

and reinvest that back into an $8.88 domain name

and make even more money.

So, did I deliver on my challenge?

Let me know on the comment section.

And if you have any other websites to add to this list,

be sure to put them in the comment section,

so that you could help clear that mental roadblock

that a lot of people have,

that makes them think that they need money to make money.

And of course, if you would like even more free training

on creating a print-on-demand store,

then be sure to download my free ebook,

“The 6 Steps That 6-Figure Online Stores Follow

“To Make Over $10,000 a Month.”

And you’ll find the link to download that ebook

in the video description below.






This is Qadir from PK, having master degree in Pol Science, Bachelor of Education, Computer Diploma Senior Teacher by Profession

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